Privacy Policy

Last modified: July 27, 2017



“The Cloud” means a network of servers and computers that collectively run applications, and store or process information and data.

“Cookies” mean files or similar technologies, such as web beacons, that store preferences and information on a web browser. The customer, user, business contact or Website visitor controls his or her web browser’s Cookie settings, but disabling cookies may reduce functionality of Peaxy’s services.

“CRM” means Customer Relationship Management.

“Peaxy” means, collectively, Peaxy, Inc., its employees, and its affiliates.

“Personal Information” means information, such as name, email address, telephone number, and company affiliation, that identifies a natural person.

“Website” or “Peaxy’s Website” means

“You” or “Your” means, collectively, customers, users, business contacts or Website visitors whose information and data Peaxy may collect, use, store or share.


2.Protecting Information & Data.

Peaxy aims to protect your information and data. Peaxy maintains reasonable administrative, technical, and physical security controls to protect against loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure or use of information and data.


3.Information & Data Collection

Peaxy collects information and data in the following ways:

3.1 Directly Provided. You may provide Peaxy with data and information including Personal Information.

3.2 Interaction. Peaxy may collect information and data when you communicate, engage, or interact with Peaxy, its Website, or its services.

3.2.1 Use of Services. When you use Peaxy’s user interface or services, Peaxy may collect information and data, including through the use of Cookies, about your use of services, such as usage amount and search queries.
3.2.2 Website Visits. Peaxy may use Cookies on its Website to collect information and data such as IP address and browsing behavior.
3.2.3 Communications. Peaxy may use Cookies placed on its electronic business communications to collect information and data such as whether an email has been received or opened.
3.2.4 Third Party Cookies. Peaxy may receive and use information and data collected by     third party Cookies.


4.Information & Data Use.

Peaxy may use collected information and data for the following purposes:

4.1 Registration. To register you with an account in Peaxy’s CRM and assign a Peaxy ID.
4.2 Response. To register you with an account in Peaxy’s CRM and assign a Peaxy ID.
4.3 Account Management. To find and communicate about your accounts, and to collect information about use of services to determine payment rates.
4.4 Product Development. To conduct research and modeling for product development.
4.5 Improvement. To track incidents, responses, and usage, and to conduct testing and development in order to improve Peaxy products and services.
4.6 Build Contacts. To build Peaxy’s CRM and facilitate business and marketing communications.
4.7 Understand Behaviors. To understand how you use and interact with Peaxy’s Website, services, and products.
4.8 Legal Purposes. To comply with and enforce applicable legal requirements. See § 6.2   “Legal Compliance”.


5.Storing Information & Data.

Peaxy does not store information and data except as described herein:

5.1 General. Peaxy will store data and information on its servers and on the Cloud.
5.2 Website. Peaxy may store information and data, including Personal Information, it collects from its Website as needed to maintain its CRM.
5.3 Services. Peaxy may store information and data collected from use of Peaxy services and user interface as needed to maintain its CRM and to perform research, modeling, and product development.
5.4 Business. Peaxy may store information and data, including Personal Information, it collects from business communications and interactions as needed to maintain its CRM.


6.Sharing Information & Data.

Peaxy does not sell, share, or otherwise disclose your information and data without your consent except as described herein:

6.1 Third Parties & Partners. Peaxy may share information and data with third parties and partners who will adhere to this Policy and either support Peaxy services or perform business-related functions for Peaxy.

6.2 Legal Compliance. Peaxy may disclose information and data if required pursuant to law or regulation, government authority, duly authorized subpoena, or court order, whereupon Peaxy shall provide notice of such disclosure.


7.Intellectual Property.

Peaxy will own all right, title, and interest to/in its use or implementation of your data, suggestions and/or feedback to make improvements to Peaxy’s current services and products, to conduct research and modeling, and to develop services and products.


8.Public Information.

Peaxy may use and share publicly available information and data about you for any reason.



Some Peaxy services and products may be co-branded or co-offered with services and products provided by third parties and partners. Except when third parties and partners are supporting Peaxy services or performing business-related functions for Peaxy, Peaxy will have no control over how these third parties and partners use, store, or share information and data, which will be subject to their separate privacy policies.



Because Peaxy is a business software and services provider, it is neither designed nor intended to be used by children. The Website provides no content likely to be of interest or relevance to children, and Peaxy neither solicits nor knowingly accepts registrations from children. In any event, there is no content on the Peaxy Website nor on any of Peaxy’s services that is offensive to or inappropriate for children. If Peaxy becomes aware of inadvertently receiving Personal Information or data from anyone under the age of thirteen, it will delete the information from its records.



The section headings contained herein are for convenience and reference ONLY and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation of this Policy.



Peaxy may, in its sole discretion, modify or update this Policy from time to time and at any time. Any changes to this Policy will be posted on Peaxy’s Website.


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