Founded in 2012, Peaxy’s leadership team has deep domain experience needed to solve the world’s toughest data challenges. As leaders at top global companies—including Hitachi, GE, HP, Xerox and the Wood Group—Peaxy’s core group has extensive experience in both commercial technology application and R&D.

Manuel Terranova CEO, President and Co-founder
EvaJane Broderick Director, Accounting & Contracts
Todd Beine VP Projects
John Ervin Chief Scientist
Joshua Gallagher Senior Director, Software Development
Ashok Ganesan Director, Product Development
Stefan Geens Director, Peaxy Sweden


Federico Faggin Board Member and Co-founder
Len Perham Board Member
Mario Rosati Secretary
Manuel Terranova CEO, President and Co-founder


Luciano Dalle Ore
Jim McGlothlin
Gary Leonard

Peaxy understands the challenges of managing large and rapidly growing datasets in engineering, energy, and analytics environments. We strive to ensure customer success by acting as a trusted adviser and collaborator with our customers facing these challenges. Customer success is integral to our approach to support and service.

On-Site Discovery

Our technology relationship with customers begins with a two- to three-day discovery conducted by senior business analysts, technologists and data architects.

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The pilot lets you see firsthand the benefits you can expect from working with Peaxy technology and services.

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Deployment delivers the pilot implementation — or, as required, a new application — into production to create valuable business outcomes.

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Powered by Aureum

Peaxy Aureum® empowers universal access to data, allowing your company to gain control over unstructured and structured data assets and making it easy to find, mine, manage and reuse information across silos, data types, applications and infrastructures (on and off premises). Aureum also serves as an enterprise-scale data substrate that enables sophisticated industrial analytics, such as CBM regimes and Digital Twins.

Industrial Analytics Use Cases


At Peaxy, we are passionate about what we do. We take great pride in our work, and in the genuine successes and strong relationships we have with our customers.

Our company philosophy is grounded on the core ideas of customer centricity, personal accountability and integrity.

The Peaxy team includes industry visionaries, technology veterans and award-winning leaders. We are highly collaborative, and look for driven, talented, like-minded individuals to join us on our journey to deliver software and services critical to the next great leap in innovation.